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Can your customers find you online? DotLogics is an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) company offering services to businesses across the country. SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility on internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Studies show that internet users almost never go beyond the first few links on the results page and most never make it to the second page at all. If your business does not rank highly on an internet search engine page, chances are people who are looking for your services are taking their business elsewhere. Since the internet is now the most common way people search for products or services, having your company rank on the first page is vitally important for securing new customers.

When DotLogics is entrusted with your company’s internet marketing campaign, quality and customer service are at the forefront. An experienced SEO provider like Dotlogics has skilled and dedicated staff who understand the latest and greatest SEO strategies and Google algorithms which help a website rank. There are numerous factors which go into deciding where a site appears in search result so it’s best to leave your website design, creation and marketing to the SEO experts at DotLogics.

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Regardless of whether you personally have been caught up in the social media explosion, your business needs to have a presence in the social media arena. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more receive millions of visitors every day who should be viewed as potential customers. Having a prominent social media presence allows people to interact with your company directly and you can build a loyal following.  It only takes one viral tweet or post to send your company name shooting across the web. People now align themselves with specific brands by following them on platforms like Twitter. Establishing brand loyalty is vitally important when attempting to attract new customers to your business. We offer marketing packages which include full service social media management. We can provide daily updates on any social media platform you want. DotLogics can help you jump on the social media bandwagon and get your name out to the masses. 



For many businesses, reputation is key. One of the most beneficial and sometimes damaging aspects of the internet is the availability for people to leave questions, comments and reviews of a company. For a restaurant, one negative review could be incredibly damaging to potential customers. DotLogics is well versed in combating negative reviews and highlighting positive ones. It only takes one negative review to turn off a potential customer, so make sure your business is well represented with a marketing package from DotLogics. Call today on 07712121431 and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our professional search analysts.